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Third Residency March 18

Violinmaker-in-Residence #19

The blizzard that buried Burlington with 26” of snow was adequately cleaned up to present no problems for my third session with the VSO family on March 18. The bright late winter sunshine and brilliant snow made the travel through our beautiful and quirky state a joy. I took back roads both ways and reminded myself of the mountains and valleys that give strong definition to our communities, a very human sense of scale, and a practical humility to sense of self. This is a good place to live and work.

Meeting the VSO audience, First Residency October 29, 2016

Meeting the audience, First Residency October 29, 2016
Photo by Lee Krohn, courtesy VSO

It was good to see lots of familiar faces and many new ones, give folks a chance to hold the VSO violin in their hands (“it’s amazing how light it is!”), and answer again the basic questions (see blog #7). I am impressed with the active curiosity and engaged energy of the VSO audience, making my efforts feel appreciated and our common investment in a strong musical community very worthwhile.

While it was hanging in my greenhouse, the VSO violin had been out of my hands and daily thoughts for a few months. Seeing and feeling it through the perspective of the VSO community was like meeting a very dear friend after an absence. While I’m working on a violin I often imagine it in the hands of the violinist who will play on it. It’s less often that I take the next step to imagine the experience of the audience that will hear the violin and respond to its particular color and personality. My conversations with the VSO audience are adding that to my work life.

So my thanks to the VSO organization and audience for this inspiration and opportunity.

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