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Second Residency December 3

Violinmaker-in-Residence #15

December 2nd brought me back to Burlington for the Orchestra’s rehearsal at the Elly Long music center. The Center is familiar from my son’s stint as a trumpet with the Vermont Youth Orchestra in 2003-4. Fortunately he made the 2½ hour drive from Brattleboro every Sunday on his own, but as parents we did get to know the VYO and the hall. I’ve maintained a connection with the VYO as a source of instruments for talented players in need and am proud to be part of their supportive community.

Scroll and tools

The scroll is worked with many tools, including a knife, a rasp, and gouges.

I was able to begin the carving of the scroll for the VSO violin while listening to the inspiring sounds of Tchaikovsky and Beethoven. While I usually listen to VPR Classical while I work, the energy of live performance is a whole different experience. I found my carving inspired and bold, much more so than I would have guessed. I also got much more done and had the scroll mostly done except for cleaning up the surfaces by the end of the residency.

The Orchestra members were interested in the project and it was good to catch up with Tony Princiotti.

Saturday at the Flynn was the usual busy conversations with lots of curious audience members. I was interviewed on the stage before the performance and enjoyed putting the whole project into perspective and telling some of my best stories.

The project is on track and meeting its expectations.

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